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Welcome to LooseLeaf. We provide a low stress and collaborative environment to help you launch your career in the creative and technology industries.

Try out a career path. Work on interesting side projects to build a portfolio and learn demonstrable skills.

Acquire relevant work experience and professional connections.

Collaborate with other career hackers and shadow professionals.

Build A Portfolio

Whether you are looking to launch your career as an employee or a freelancer, you need a portfolio. A portfolio provides examples for what you are capable of and is an important part of your brand.

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Get Validation

There is no restriction for how many people can work on each project but the project creator will choose the best submittal and the community can upvote your project submittal. This is similar to the way best answers are chosen and ranked on Quora.

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Get Mentorship

Follow other more advanced career hackers and get feeds on what projects they are working on, how they are completing each project, and their recommendations and lessons learned. You can follow in the footsteps of a more advanced career hacker that you want to become.

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